The Center for Translation Studies conducts cutting-edge research in the field of cultural and cross-cultural communication, in developing the methodologies derived from the art and craft of translation as an innovative paradigm to revitalize the interpretation of verbal, visual, and musical texts and the study of the humanities. Furthermore, the research includes the design and building of databases of writers and their translators and the collaboration with other literary associations and centers throughout the world; the development of new models for the reviewing of works translated into English; and the relation of translation to new multi-media technology.


  • Digital Translation: A Conversation with Dr. Frank Dufour and Dr. Rainer Schulte

    An interview with Professors Rainer Schulte and Frank Dufour regarding translation studies in the digital age.  They discuss the possibilities and changes in the field of translation studies as related to new media and technology.

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  • Bach Visual Fugue

    A visual interpretation of J. S. Bach's Fugue No. 2 in C Minor.  Each musical voice is separated by different colors.  Created as part of a musical translation project by Prof. Rainer Schulte with the assistance of ATEC graduate student Bhuvana Mallikarjunaiah.

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  • DreamArchitectonics at the dallas contemporary 2014

    The original version of DREAMARCHITECTONICS is an immersive, interactive audiovisual experience. The non-interactive version you are currently viewing has been remixed for online platforms and diffusion on stereophonic systems. This version does not fully render the spacial acoustic dimension of the original installation.

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  • The Art Effect. Nicolas Bourriaud, Loris Gréaud, Eric Mangion, Noah Simblist, Charissa Terranova.

    In conjunction with the Loris Gréaud exhibition at the Dallas Contemporary opening 1-17-15, The Arts & Technology program and The Center for Translation Studies at The University of Texas at Dallas are hosting a panel discussion with local and international distinguished figures in contemporary art & art education. The objective of this forum is the intellectual investigation of translation, postproduction and relations in the context of contemporary art.