FAQ - Pursuing Translation Studies at UTD

Do you offer a certificate in translation and interpretation?

No, we do NOT offer a certificate in either translation or interpretation. Our program focuses on studies in literary translation and translation theory.

We do NOT offer coursework in commercial or technical translation. In other words, we do not have translation courses related to the fields of business, law, medicine, technology, etc.

Do you offer a masters or doctoral degree in translation?

The School of Arts and Humanities offers MA and PhD degrees in the Humanities, Studies in Literature, with a concentration in translation. That is, we do NOT offer a degree in translation per se.

I live in a different city (or country), can I study remotely? Do you have a distance-learning program or offer online courses in translation studies?

We do NOT currently have a distance-learning program nor do we offer fully online courses.

What kinds of courses would I take to get a degree focusing on translation studies at UTD?

This is an interdisciplinary program, so students are required to take 2 seminars from 3 different disciplines–Literary Studies, History of Ideas, and Aesthetic Studies. Beyond these 6 courses, students pursuing translation studies would enroll in translation workshops and seminars, which are offered every semester. Please note that the translation workshops may be repeated up to 3 times

The emphasis of the Translation Studies Program is on the art and craft of translation. Students participate in Translation Workshops in which they develop the skills translators use by working through their own translation projects. The workshops are accompanied by seminars on the craft and theory of literary and humanistic translations. Students are encouraged to apply the concepts of the art and practice of translation to the reading and interpretation of verbal, visual, and musical texts.

Please explore the links below for more specific information:

Sample Degree plans: Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy

Current, recent, and previous course descriptions for graduate level courses (HUAS, HUHI, HUMA, and HUSL) can be found at the url below. Click on the link related to current and recent semesters. Or, look on the left hand side of the web page for previous semesters: Course Descriptions

How many hours do I need to take to complete a degree?

For the MA you would take 33 hours of coursework; for the PhD you would take 42 hours of coursework.

Do I have to write a thesis or a dissertation?

Students have the option to write scholarly MA theses or doctoral dissertations on the practice and theory of translation or do creative projects (for master’s portfolios and doctoral dissertations) that feature the translation of a novel, collection of short stories, or poetry by a contemporary international author. The translations themselves are accompanied by an extensive scholarly essay that situates the work in its linguistic, cultural, historical, and social context and includes a detailed reconstruction of the translation process. The reconstruction component of the essay addresses the challenges the translator confronted, how the difficulties were resolved, as well as a discussion of the moments of untranslatability.

Do I need to be fluent in another language to pursue translation studies at UTD?

MA students are required to pass a written language proficiency examination, which involves the translation of two short texts into English, while students in the PhD program may fulfill the language proficiency requirement by using their language skills in two different courses (the manner in which students will demonstrate language proficiency at the doctoral level is determined in consultation with the professor of the course).

How do I apply for the masters or doctoral program?

Application Requirements

How much is tuition?

Tuition and Fees

Are there scholarships or other kinds of funding available for graduate study?

Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

Do I need to take the GRE to enroll in your graduate programs?

No, we do not require GRE scores for enrollment.

I’m an international student interested in studying at UTD. What do I need to do to begin literary translation studies?

International students pursuing graduate study in the School of Arts and Humanities at UTD will need one of the following:

  • A four-year degree from an institution where the language of instruction is English.


  • TOEFL or IELTS scores

Please see International Students Admission for information specifically related to admission of foreign students and Financial Aid and Scholarships as well as A&H Scholarships and Fellowships for scholarship possibilities.