Translation Center Fellows


Dana Howell

I am an Army brat who spent almost half of my life in Alabama, so far. In 1985 my father was stationed in Germany, where I attended and graduated from high school at the International School of Düsseldorf. I have two degrees from Auburn, a BA in French and German, and a Master's in French. My most recent position was as a French and German Teacher for Dallas ISD at Kimball High School, where I worked for three years. Right now, I am a full-time graduate student at UTD. I applied to UTD back in January 2020 because of the Translation Center and the possibility of doing a creative dissertation in translation. I spent the month of October 2020 translating Travers la Nuit by Marie Laberge, a writer from Québec. I am currently working on La Femme qui Fuit, by another Québecoise writer Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette. I look forward to translating many more literary works in the future.

p joshua laskey

I’m a globetrotting theater artist and writer originally from Sacramento, California, where I cofounded Theater Galatea and Indomita Press with my wife. I came to UTD specifically because of the Center for Translation Studies and am very happy to be affiliated with it. I got into translation because producing plays is expensive if you have to pay royalties to a playwright or translator, so the cheapest way to put up a show is to write it or translate it yourself. When I lived in Granada, Spain, I started working on the plays of Federico García Lorca, and that project has now seen me through an MA in cultural translation from the American University of Paris (where I translated Mariana Pineda), an MFA in literary translation from Fairleigh Dickinson University (where I translated La Casa de Bernarda Alba and where I’m still Associate World Literature editor for The Literary Review), and admission to the PhD program in humanities here at UTD (where I’m translating La zapatera prodigiosa).