Degree Programs: MA | PhD

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The Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities offered by The School of Arts & Humanities at The University of Texas at Dallas are non-traditional degrees that allow students to concentrate their graduate studies around their individual interests in Translation Studies.

At the same time, this approach allows students to explore other scholarly contexts from an interdisciplinary point of view, thus enriching their understanding of Translation Studies and preparing them for a wider variety of jobs than a more specialized degree would.

Faculty within The Center for Translation Studies and The School of Arts & Humanities work closely with students to design degree plans with an emphasis on Translation Studies that also supply a broad general background in one or more of three scholarly areas: Literary Studies; History of Ideas; and Aesthetic Studies

Both the MA and PhD also allow for students to major in one of these three areas, e.g., PhD in Humanities -- Major in Literary Studies, though the actual courses taken and final written work (portfolio or dissertation) allow each student to focus on various aspects of the field of Translation Studies.


The School of Arts & Humanities offers graduate students teaching and research assistantships, including research assistantships within The Center for Translation Studies, that cover all tuition and fees as well as provide a monthly stipend.

Master of Arts in Humanities

The MA program requires 33 semester hours of coursework:

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Arts and Humanities: 3 hours
  • Literary Studies: 6 hours
  • History of Ideas: 6 hours
  • Aesthetic Studies: 6 hours
  • Electives: 12 hours (including 3 hrs. Independent Study for Master's portfolio)

All M.A. students must also pass a written foreign language examination involving the translation of two short texts into English.

Finally, a portfolio consisting of approximately 40-60 pages of scholarly and/or creative work -- e.g., a translation with critical commentary -- must be completed and defended before a committee.

MA Sample Degree Plan

Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities

The PhD program requires a minimum of 60 hours of coursework beyond the MA (or equivalent degree):

  • Literary Studies: 6 hours
  • History of Ideas: 6 hours
  • Aesthetic Studies: 6 hours
  • Electives: 24 hours (including 9 hrs. of Independent Study for qualifying exams)
  • Dissertation: 18 hours (minimum)

In order to fulfill the foreign language requirement, Ph.D. students consult with the professors for two of their courses and decide upon the best way to use their foreign language within the context of those courses. One of these two courses can be a Translation Workshop.

After completing their coursework, students choose three areas of specialization for their doctoral qualifying exams; after passing these exams, they proceed to write and defend their dissertations.

PhD Sample Degree Plan