Celebrating 35 Years of Translation at UT Dallas

More than 60 people gathered at the Dallas Museum of Art on Sunday, November 4 to join Translation Center Director Rainer Schulte in celebrating 35 years of translation at UT Dallas. After opening remarks by Dean Dennis Kratz, Schulte spoke about the 35-year legacy of translation at UT Dallas. Two alumni, Richard Chambers and Patricia Schoch, spoke about their memories of the translation workshop at UT Dallas, as well as the applicability of translation studies to their current careers. Prof. Charles Hatfield, co-editor of Translation Review, spoke about the journal's new publishing partnership with Taylor & Francis.

Dean Kratz closed the program by announcing the Rainer Schulte Opportunity Fund, an endowment that allows for unrestricted resources to enhance the programs and the research of the Center for Translation Studies, to support graduate students in translation, to develop electronic resources for the teaching of translation, to host translation symposia, to strengthen collaboration with translation centers and programs in other countries, and to develop translation studies in the digital age.

To make a donation to the fund, please call Lisa Morgan at 972-883-2952 or donate online.